SharePoint is NOT the Answer

By Dan Connolly on 14 Sep 2009, 07:04 PM

Categories: Corporate Blogging - Communication - Innovation
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It sure is easy to bash Mr. Softy the software behemoth that has introduced SharePoint as the greatest collaboration tool Let's face it, social networking and collaboration either internally or externally driven are on the ground floor of innovation. Microsoft is very good at marketing and has an abundance of customers AND problems

Sharepoint is a decent product in content collaboration technology, but is it the answer to social networking and sharing ideas between PEOPLE and thought leaders in specific communities? I don't think so. At Blogtronix we receive feature requests, speak with our clients, use the ideas generated from our clientbase to quickly and nimbly improve our offering. Document management and wiki's are a small piece of the PLATFORM that we strive to improve everyday.
Social Networking is about people communicating, sharing expertise, identifying thought leaders and getting answers from those people. Polling & questioning your community and actually listening to what they say is critical to understanding what is effective and what is not. Providing the ability to adjust quickly, utilize the tools that make sense today, and adding features for tomorrow is our mission. This is how Blogtronix creates and develops our offerings.  The idea of providing software that restricts, confines, and dictates to HOW people communicate is a one-way street.

Six months (if your enterprise is lucky) to implement a solution and you are not happy with what you have? Another 3 months to make adjustments? Chasing development & consulting dollars? Who wants to be boxed in? Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft or Cisco....Yeah right, those days are over.

In the spirit of speaking with our community and userbase, development of microblogging is another direction in social communication and we are certainly serious about what we do. Please review and let us know what you think? We LIKE to hear from you and are open to suggestions. Isn't that what social networking is all about?