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According to TechChrunch's Mike Arrington, Jive Software laid off today about 1/3 of their workforce. This would mean about 50+ people in my book. If you used to work for Jive's sales group, please call me or email me and we may be able to work with you. I know that you don't have your rolodex, but I am sure that you remember your contacts ;)

Here is my comment on Mike's blog as well:

        "This is too bad. I hope my friends are ok there. Sam s...
We are looking for people with knowledge of the Web 2.0 world. Expert knowledge in blogging, wiki, RSS, document management, mashups, and social networking is a big plus. Click here for a full list of current openings.

U.S. openings:

I know that we use this blog site to talk about work and how to work better, etc. Today as I was working at 1:29am, just checking email, reading blogs, and doing financial forecasting I got skyped by one of my best friends of 30 some years in Bulgaria, Mitou.
So, what did Mitou had to say to me, you work too much! He also emailed me this small video clip, which I must admit was made about me and many of my friends not only from the Bay Area, but ...