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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - LinkedIn Corp. has raised an additional $22.7 million to help insulate the steadily growing online business network from the economic storm and provide more financial flexibility.

The investment announced Thursday was made by one of LinkedIn's long-time backers, Bessemer Venture Partners, and three newcomers — the venture arm of business software maker SAP AG, banker Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and The McGraw-Hill Companies...

This is a great post by Mike Arrington SN people should read it for sure.

Michael Arrington


It’stime to start comparing the big global social networks on somethingother than unique visitors and page views. I believe an effective wayto value a particular user is based on the average Internet advertisingspend per person in th...

The New York Times

This is a great article by Brad Stone here. The only thing that I would like to add is that most big companies (as well as the small and the mid size once) should be very careful when using open social networks for their internal collaborations. If I was Merrill or any other bank for example would I let my users share corporate info and insides on LinkedIn? Come on. Where is the corporate compliance here?! How can you be sure that all members in... via AP

This is very interesting and the time is perfect for Blogtronix as we are talking to a bunch of big VC's to raise some money right now and compete with IBM, BEA (Oracle), Jive, and few others want to be’s out there for a slide of the big Enterprise Social Software pie, which according to Forrester is now worth about $4.6 billion (by 2013.)

 The interesting thing here is that I am talking to couple of very large fi...