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I just signed us for the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston later next month. June 18-21, 2007.

You should come and see us demo our Award Winning (RedHerring 100) Enterprise 2.0 platform in a box that can handle 100 times more users than the SuiteTwo box. Yes, you read it right, 100 times more users! This is 100,000 users from a single 1U Dell server (painted Orange).

In contrast SuiteTwo can only do 1,000 users on a similar box (according to t...
Last week (or the week before) I spoke with Robin Hopper at Under The Radar conference.  IUpload rased $7M from couple of US VC's.  IUpload is no longer a Canadian company and now is a US company. Robin also hired a new CEO to head the company. I think the round was made by Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

This shows once again that the VC's are starting to look at corporate blogging (what iUpload does) as something important ...

A friend of mine just emailed me to let me know that Blogtronix was part of an interesting Gartner report about enterprise blogging technology.

You can buy the report online from Gartner from here:

As I can not repurpose or to copy Gartner’s reports, so, I will just tell you in the report Gartner, compares Blogtronix to and it is put in the same...
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