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My good friend Jeremiah Owyang has written yet another great blog on Enterprise 2.0 technology that your guys should read. Many know of us know the problems from first hand if you were a company CIO, CTO, or a VP of Technology (I have held all of thee jobs myself before). I love this summary and I may come back and add some more ingredients to the mix here later.



Last week Rod Boothby who runs started an interesting poll among the Web 2.0 experts.
I posted a link and voted as you may imagine. The very interesting thing is that many of you voted for Blogtronix as well and we thank you.
Blogtronix was in the lead for many days, and today as I just checked we are still there. We are not number one, but that's  OK. We are number two with some  223 votes. I am not sure how many of them ar...
Jakob Nielsen has a great article and paper on the winners this year of the best design Intranets in 2007.
And yes, people finally started to understand that Blogs and Wikis are in fact just communication and collaboration tools, just like email and IM.
Take a look here.

10 Best Intranets of 2007

This year's winners emphasized an editorial approach to news on the homepage. They also took a pragmatic approach to many hyped "Web 2.0" technique...
Rod Boothby is running an interesting poll about the current Intranets tools.

Here is the poll itself, take it and we will post a link later, once Rod gets enough data