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Yes, I started my ATTHELL.COM or at
After 9 years with AT&T, they just stopped the service in my home area and now we no longer can use our phones, BlackBerries, at all for over a month. Apperently, ATT has canceled their roaming agreement with T-Mobile and we need to suffer. I am looking into the legal side of this as we speak and I will not let this one slide.
Please join me at ATTHELL.COM and tell your friends as well.


Well, if you are thinking about buying a Dell XSP 720, think again. Here is a very short video that gives you an overview of the HELL we are still going with DELL that started more than 2 months ago (or so)

I have lots of audio files of the conversations with the people at Dell from around the world. Yet, months later after Dell BROKE one of our PC's they still have not fixed it or replaced it.

More to come very soon.