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Blogtronix - a great enterprise 2.0 collaboration and web publishing platform

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By David Terrar : 
Published: December 24 2006

by @ 8:17 on December 24, 2006.
About 4 weeks ago I wrote...
Guys, I just can not help it! I have to post this great piece from Dennis Howlett who recently attended a presentation done by me and John West. The last few days we talked to a couple of Enterprise Irregulars members and we are happy that the industry can produce such professional and educated group of talented consultants.

But anyway, I liked the article a lot because of many reasons. I can only note that all the negative points that we were aw...
SharePoint is one of the few long term competitors placed in the WebOffice 2.0 market that we recognize. In the present moment, Blogtronix delivers far more value to the customers in this market niche. To name a few of the issues that make us better are:

Any Blogtronix Product is easier to install and manage from small, medium and even large size companies
To use Blogtronix is far easier and satisfying for the common users, that are not necessary ...