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Did you ever wanted to be linked with your Public client or partner communities in real-time using a simple interface like your corporate microblogging system?!

Well,  now you can do it with our new BlogtronixMicro platform. You can even track your public and private user activities on your phone as well. Here are a few screenshots to get an idea of how simple and useful this is. 

The new integration does not stop here, you can now login and share...

(Excerpted from the November 2008 Issue of Business Management US

“Community” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Pretty much everyone under 30 has heard of MySpace and Facebook, and professionals are using the LinkedIn service more and more to connect with people they know. Given the rising tide of what analysts dub “social media” there has been increasing...
Check this video and see how Blogtronix works and what can do for your organization.