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Mr. de la Vega, maybe you should get others to deal with the wireless problems in the Oakland hills. This is not a joke any more.

Once again I can’t make a 911 call on my phone on the AT&T wireless network or the roaming T-Mobile.

I am testing this on two of my phones.

One of the videos shows a test with my brand new BlackBerry Bold (RIM 9000) on the AT&T network. On my new smart phone I get a small “X” right next to the antenna icon.  The...

Yes, I started my ATTHELL.COM or at
After 9 years with AT&T, they just stopped the service in my home area and now we no longer can use our phones, BlackBerries, at all for over a month. Apperently, ATT has canceled their roaming agreement with T-Mobile and we need to suffer. I am looking into the legal side of this as we speak and I will not let this one slide.
Please join me at ATTHELL.COM and tell your friends as well.