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Blogtronix you can save your company hard cash for the holidays, so you can pay your employees some bonuses for being smart and more productive.

We are running a CEO special till the end of the year at Blogtronix that can save you tens of thousands of dollars. You don't need to be paying over $100,000 for a JIVE powered corporate social software or large marketing social community.  Blogtronix will do it for you at half the price today.

What I ca...
Few days a go, MSFT announced their new Enterprise and Worker Online Suites pricing. I find this $3 per user per month pricing to be very predatory against small Enterprise 2.0 companies like Blogtronix who are selling similar services to large enterprises as SaaS and on-premises collaboration and social networking.

The good news is that every IT manager knows the true disadvantages of the MOSS platform and when they start to compare it to Blogtr... via AP

This is very interesting and the time is perfect for Blogtronix as we are talking to a bunch of big VC's to raise some money right now and compete with IBM, BEA (Oracle), Jive, and few others want to be’s out there for a slide of the big Enterprise Social Software pie, which according to Forrester is now worth about $4.6 billion (by 2013.)

 The interesting thing here is that I am talking to couple of very large fi...

Ok, here is my 60,000 feet overview.