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I hope you get the joke in this blog title.
Wow, I just saw a new movie trailer about an utra cool and smart phone. The best part of this was that fact that I recongnized many of the spots fillmed in the movie as my old hometown in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can find lots of newest technology in Bulgaria (many times before they hits the US), even the RIM Bold (for a price), but this one just tops it all. You can now understand why we choose to do some...

Yes, we have turned on again live sales chat on Blogtronix' web site and on our blog.
 If you have any questions about our product, our pricing, how to use it, etc. please IM us.

The best part is that you don't need a any IM client to do so, just go to the site or and click on the LIVE CHAT BUTTON (if its live and the sales people are online you will see the color in the button, if not, we must...

This is an interesting article that I just saw. The reasonthis is very interesting to me and Blogtronix is the fact that Blogtronix wastrying to sell collaboration social networking software to Genentech about 2years ago, but we were very small and than Genentech cut the Library projectand its people. So we did not make the sales. now that GENE is comfortable withSa...

Good recommendation from Gartner.

By 2011, Organizations That Do Not Manage Their Employer Brands Effectively Will Fail to Attract Key Talent

STAMFORD, Conn., December 10, 2008

Despite the fact that social networks and software are significantly changing organizations' marketing and Web strategies, relatively few human resources (HR) organizations have grasped the effect that they have on the employer brand, according to Gartner Inc.

It is ...

Yes, we did some updates to our web site in the last week and I hope you like it.
You can now chat live with us 24 hours a day, twitter out pages, get our RSS feed, etc.
What do you think, do you like it, how can we make it better?


ozoneOS aka o3

So, what do you guys think about this new name vs. the old BTX brand?
I like the ozoneOS or ozoneSP (for social platform) myself.

I think the name says it all here, there is no need to explain what I am trying to do, is there ;)
Now just think of the possibilities and what you can do with a powerful Enterprise Social Platform like the next Blogtronix ozoneOS.

I will have to give you more details, some screenshots and maybe some video ...
Well after reading a blog or two about it and actually watched their video as well
You should watch it too. This is very funny and may make it on the AFV for sure.
I am not sure what these guys were thinking here.
Please just take a look at how you need to edit your look and feel, enjoy.

Video link...
check out the live stream from Paris' La Web 08 with Luic Le Meur