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I love my BlackBerry 8700. Not only can I email, browse the web, make phone calls, run google maps from around the world, but I also have full access to Blogtronix’s secure enterprise platform for blogging, wiki and social networking....

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Did you know that your company can get a free trial of the Blogtronix secure enterprise blogging, wiki and social networking platform?! Just email us now.
I am very pleased to announce our new marketing campaign on Skype today.
Every week, blogtronix will be skypecasting a skypinare about how companies can use blogging, wiki and social networking for their organizations and with their clients and partners.
Yesterday, Victor Harwood email me to let me know that I will be on one of his panels at Digital Hollywood.
I just notice an interesting article about corporate blogging in Business Week.

There have been a few good books that people can get in regards to the corporate blogging. There have been at least 10 big events and conferences all over the US and a couple good ones in Europe about it too. There are a lot of guys that are gurus in that area and do not want to start listing them here as I will definitely miss some good ones and I will feel sorry about it .. but just to name a few - Robert Scoble, DL Byron, Jeremy Wright,...
OK, you may think that blogtronix can only be used for blogging? No, in fact blogging is just a small part of what we have in blogtronix. Blogtronix is a communication platform.

You can in fact post and discuss your sales numbers with your investors, sales team or partners....
If your organizations wants to get in to blogging, you definitely will want to read the best business blogging book on the market " Naked Conversations.
The book is by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel
Check out the Book Launch Party from
Many people still don't know about RSS (aka web feeds) or know very little about the use of RSS and only a few realize the potential of this technology.

Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other metadata....
We are very excited to announce that the new corporate blogtronix site is finally up and running.