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My good friend Dan Farber from ZDnet just posted something interesting.

It took Forrester a while to figure this one out if you ask me. We have been telling them this for about two years now. I also have a big problem with the way they have operated over the last few years when they write favorable reports for their clients. But is another story. Any ways, I have not read the report, not I think I will learn a...

Hello everyone.
I just want to invite you guys to our 1st Blogtronix party in Sofia, Bulgaria next month.
We have the following dates to play with:Feb 6 or the 7th.
The time and place will be announced here in the next couple of days, but we are open to suggestions and ideas from you. We want to be in a cozy place with good Wi-Fi and a place to project a screen for some demos and fun,

Please email me to RSVP and reserve your spot. (vassko@blogtr...
Wow, it's all I can say WOW


Yes, it’s that time of the year again and all Mac nuts like me can’t sleep well at night.
What will the new surprise be in two days, will Steve show us the iPhone 2.0 or is there something more in the air?
Yes, people expect some cool things and I will put the short list here again:
      - A supper cool and slim laptop – maybe blueray and Wimax or a 3G card build in.250-500 GB or no HD, only flash drive – 32 or 64 GB


Robust Enterprise Social Networking

If ChangeWave Research is correct, wikis, blogs and social networking are being adopted by corporations at an explosive rate.

ChangeWaveResearch recently surveyed 2,081 companies and found 24 percent alreadyusing social software, while eight percent say they will start using itwithin a year. Wikis apparently are used by 20 ...

Check this cool video of one of the most important people that I have ever met in my life.
Thanks for all Bill and Good Luck saving the world. Billy G.


My good friend Jeremiah Owyang has written yet another great blog on Enterprise 2.0 technology that your guys should read. Many know of us know the problems from first hand if you were a company CIO, CTO, or a VP of Technology (I have held all of thee jobs myself before). I love this summary and I may come back and add some more ingredients to the mix here later.