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I just found this on Google news search, yet this is not public.
, UK - 14 minutes ago
Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Yahoo have developed a global testbed to help businesses, government, academia and the IT industry develop and use cloud-base..

You need to fill in the rest, but it looks as many of you predicted that they will offer some sort of cloud computing platform for businesses, gov, edu, it, etc.

They should check what Blogtron...

I just wanted to inform you all that Blogtronix will be exhibiting at the NY Web 2.0 Expo this September.
You will be able to see our new Blogtronix 3.0 platform and the new interface and many new functionality we will have to offer.
Expect a lot more at the show like new products all together maybe :)

Blogtronix will be at booth #1343
the Blogtronix team...
Yes, we are about the launch a new portal that will focus on the end users and the customers. You will be the once to ask the questions and talk about your problems. We will be here to help.
Blogtronix has been working on this for a while now, but I think that its important to launch this and than we can fine tune it later.

Blogtronix is looking for partners in this new venture to help us help the enterprise users out there with their questions,...


Virtual Conference: Enterprise 2.0  July 23, 2008

Innovating the Enterprise with Web 2.0

David Mitchell Smith, VP & Gartner Fellow

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The Web has gained renewed visibility in the mainstream and trade press, led by excitement generated by a relatively new term: Web 2.0. Much of the visibility is being driven by innovations in consumer markets. These innovations permeate enterprises through the proces...

Few days a go, MSFT announced their new Enterprise and Worker Online Suites pricing. I find this $3 per user per month pricing to be very predatory against small Enterprise 2.0 companies like Blogtronix who are selling similar services to large enterprises as SaaS and on-premises collaboration and social networking.

The good news is that every IT manager knows the true disadvantages of the MOSS platform and when they start to compare it to Blogtr...


Check this out

Vzirvove in military warehouses in Chelopechene raztarsiha Sofia

Team Darik
3 юли 2008 06:49 July 3, 2008 06:49
Vzirvove in military warehouses in Chelopechene raztarsiha Sofia

Several very strong explosions were heard in Sofia shortly after 06.30 this morning.
In the eastern direction from the town and made a huge ball of smoke. Chief of Civil zashita Sergei Ivanov announced that they vzrivili military wareho...