It just happened this August that instead of getting a nice vacation somewhere I am mainly dealing with investment companies and business consultants, while helping my partner Vassil, as always. No problem here. We had a lot of conference calls and meetings in regards to the next investment round we are preparing and I decided to kind of put down some information about Blogtronix and the teams behind it online so the guys and girls that are interested know who we are and what we can do.

Blogtronix is not a “normal” or “regular” startup. I know everybody will say that – “We are different!” and they will probably be right so let me say why I think we are different. For the last 12 years I have been involved in the software development and software distribution and implementation business. We have been doing small and medium size projects for about 4 years – 1995 -1999 when we decided to move into own products and services sales… Since then – that is it – we are quite successful in almost all the products and services we developed and we are marketing. We had slip-ups, of course but – that is life – we did what we could. 9/11 was not a pretty picture for us and I guess for everybody else too… We grew the company from 2 people in 1995, 6 in 1996 and close to 40 in 2005 and this without a singe dollar outside investment. What I am trying to say here is that when we started to plan and think of Blogtronix as a product and service in December 2004 we were not just a couple of guys that gathered some cash and a couple of computers in the garage … and an idea. We have been dealing with corporate communication, business infrastructure development and knowledge management software tools since 2000. We had one of the best forum software based on Microsoft and MS SQL platforms back then, we had our first CMS commercially available in 1998. We are the proud creator of a personal financial product that has already over 16,000 customers all over the world. So we know what we are doing …. What I can really say is that we know what a customer is, how important this is. We know what a commitment is. We know what 24/7 worldwide support means. I also think that this combined with the wonderful talented development teams we have is a perfect combination for a really successful business ahead of us… What else? Did I mention that we are GOOD and besides that Vassil is tall ..? :):) 

I kind of wanted to write a different post and I almost wrote it but then decided to change it and post a different point of view – the one that can really get the message across – “Do not worry – we know what we are doing as we have been around this block a few times and we are planning to make a few more rounds at least a few more times… and we have the guts to do it.”

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