Well, if you are thinking about buying a Dell XSP 720, think again. Here is a very short video that gives you an overview of the HELL we are still going with DELL that started more than 2 months ago (or so)

I have lots of audio files of the conversations with the people at Dell from around the world. Yet, months later after Dell BROKE one of our PC's they still have not fixed it or replaced it.

More to come very soon.

  1. Vassil Mladjov I made a mistake, this was not a "brad new" XPS, it was a refurbished "new in the box" XPS. I am not sure what is the difference, but I think my PC was ordered and never shipped to the other client and than "returned" to be resold to me ;)
    on 08 Apr 2008
  2. Vassil Mladjov Now, you can also get to this clicp on YouTube by going to:
    http://www.dellhel.com or http://www.delhell.com

    DellHell.com is owned by Dell Computers ;)
    on 08 Apr 2008
  3. Anonymous
    Dell community hey, My name is Dennis Van den Broeck and I am a graduate student at the university of Antwerp (Belgium). I currently work on an assignment concerning Dell and I watched your video on the poor quality of Dell systems. I wondered about your experience concerning the Dell community. did they help or didn't it matter? I would like to include your opinion in my paper. If your interested in participating I will send you the list (3 pages) Please share your experiences with the world and contact me at dennis.vandenbroeck@student.ua.ac.be thanx in advance! I will send you the complete paper when it will be finished in about 1,5 week Dennis
    on 08 Dec 2008
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