I have to admin that I was surprised to see so many people attending the event. The booth Blogtronix had was “assembled” the very last moment and the really black point that we put on the organizers was that they were selling us everything - the carpet, the table, the chairs, most importantly – the electrical power point at the back (as I can go without power on an event like that). Anyway, we wrote them a letter and put our concerns on the evaluation sheet we were asked to fill out the last day… Nickel and dime is not the best policy I think …..

We had a lot of visitors and we made some great contacts. I have to really thank my colleagues John West and Richard Walton for the wonderful job they did accommodating visitors and presenting how Blogtronix leads in functionality and usability over any similar product in the corporate blogging, Enterprise Knowledge Management and Collaboration Software market.

I had two meetings with guys that are getting a Blogtronix Trial already and what they told me was an interesting comment regarding their offshore software development offices in India. That really made a mark on me.. - the first guy told me that he is pulling his development off India and sending it to Eastern Europe for two reasons – the guys there were not able to apply or show any creativity on their own plus they eventually stole the source code and released a similar product on their own. Another guy came the next day of the event and told us a similar but even worse story – everything was going perfectly even the deadline was met and he tried to patent the product when he found out that 3 months before his application a company from India already submitted same product with a slightly different name and he got really screwed. Not to mention how his partners and investors felt … I do not know whether those guys made mistakes on the legal front and did or did not do something properly but the identical problems by two completely different companies telling us same stories just made us wonder – Is the Offshore Software Development in India starting to be pointless any more …. ?

I also wanted to thank all the visitors at the Blogtronix booth at the even that spent time with us discussing what and how we can really help them grow …
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